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Here, we will explain how to play the sound training app "Harmonize".

How to play "Harmonize" in one phrase?

The way to play Harmonize is expressed in one phrase as follows.

  • Train your sense of pitch like tuning an instrument!

Mr. Kobayashi, an erhu player, explained in an easy-to-understand video!

【二胡情報】音感トレーニングアプリ”Harmonize”紹介 - YouTube

Let's challenge from Octaves!

Then I will explain the specific way to play. If you are new to this, try the simplest "Octaves" exercise.

Click the "No. 1" button that is not locked.

There are surreal creatures of "Kakifry (is fried oyster)" and "Ebifry (is fried shrimp)". This screen is the screen of the sound matching game.

The sound that is played as soon as you open the screen will be the correct chord to be matched. Let's tune for this chord!


  • Remember, you can listen the correct chord many times by pressing the "Green button" at the bottom left!

Touch your screen to see Two sounds!

Now let's operate your screen and create a pitch! First, try touching the center of your screen. Did you hear sounds?

In addition, keep your finger on it and move it upward. The pitch is higher, isn't it? Here I will tell you what to do if you want to raise the pitch even more.

If you want to raise the pitch

  • Release your finger at the top of the screen, touch the bottom again, and move your finger up.

Now, listen carefully to the sound that flows while you are touching your finger.

Two sounds, "fixed sound" and "sound that changes with finger movement", are sounding at the same time.

Did you see the difference? Kakifry is a "fixed sound" and Ebifry is a "sound that changes pitch".


  • Let's create chords with the feeling that you are "Ebifry" and that you are in harmony with the standard sound of "Kakifry"!

Let's get closer to Correct chord!

Let's move your finger more and more to get closer to the correct chord!

The trick to getting closer to the correct pitch is to turn off Wolf tones that screams. If you are harmonizing beautifully, you cannot hear Wolf tones.


  • When the two sounds are in harmony with each other, they become clear sounds.
  • If it is not in harmony, it will be a muddy and unstable dissonance.

It may be difficult to hear accurately at first, but as you do it, you will definitely get used to it. Let's try again and again without giving up!

Let's proceed to the result judgment!

Finally, when you think that your pitch is the same as Correct chord, press the "Red button" to proceed to the judgment!

It's perfect if the balloons fly! But it can be difficult at first. By the way, when I asked a musician teacher to try this app, the balloon suddenly jumped with three stars at first sight!😲 After all professionals are amazing!

For those who are not confident in the sense of pitch, first aim for one star and move on!I was very deaf, and at first I could only get one star. But now I can get 3 stars. 😊

What is Cent on a result screen? The closer the value of the number "cent" is to zero, the more it is the same as the correct chord.

If the result is 1200 cents, please note that your pitch of one octave has been adjusted above.

By the way, in the iOS version, you can listen to the chords you played again. If you listen back, you can clearly see that the pitch was different, so please take advantage of this function.

This concludes the explanation of how to play Harmonize. Once you get used to it, try not only "Octaves" but also pitches such as "Perfect Fifth" and "Major Thirds"!

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音感トレーニング Harmonizeで音程を良くしよう


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